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“Adult romantic love is an attachment bond, just like the one between mother and […]

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The Science of Love -1

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“The eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there […]

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A ciência do amor – 1

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Sabe aquela sensação; aquele sentimento de saudade? É a dor que algo vital está […]

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It is difficult to talk to my partner. How do I get my partner to open up?

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Every couple has a dance, a cycle. There are moments that the couple is […]

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The Laws of Love – 1

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“The primary and main human instinct is neither sex nor aggression. It is to […]

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O que a ciência diz sobre o amor – 1

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O instinto humano básico e principal não é sexo nem agressão. É a buscar […]