8-Hour Anger Management Workshop

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Do You Have A Problem With Anger?

  • Have you ever hurt someone because of your anger – physically or emotionally?
  • Have you ruined a friendship, a marriage, a family relationship, or a business relationship?
  • Have you ever said something when you were angry you wish you could take back?


The Goal of the Anger Management Workshop?

The goal is not to be “anger free.” Instead, it is to teach individuals how to control and understand their responses.


Adult 8 Hour Anger Management WorkshopAnger Management Class

  • Rage-Understanding the Monster Within
  • Why We All Struggle with Anger
  • Turning Harmful Anger to Helpful Anger
  • How To Resolve Conflict Constructively
  • Learning How to Stop Stress Before it Starts


Certificates provided upon completion.  Court Referrals Accepted.  $ 75.00 to secure your seat. 

Applicants must register by calling (407) 453-3305. Individual Anger Management Counseling can be scheduled as well.