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“Adult romantic love is an attachment bond, just like the one between mother and child.” Sue Johnson
Society has told us that in order to be independent, healthy adults, we need to separate ourselves from […]

The Science of Love -1

“The eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love.” Margaret Atwood
 You know that feeling; that feeling of longing. It’s the ache that […]

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A ciência do amor – 1

Sabe aquela sensação; aquele sentimento de saudade? É a dor que algo vital está faltando em sua vida. Você quer mais; mais significado, mais respeito, mais energia – mais alguma coisa. Saudade é aquela […]

It is difficult to talk to my partner. How do I get my partner to open up?

Every couple has a dance, a cycle. There are moments that the couple is fully in sync with each other, but there are moments of missteps. In the dance of tango there is no […]

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The Laws of Love – 1

“The primary and main human instinct is neither sex nor aggression. It is to seek contact and comforting connection from another being.”  Sue Johnson

English psychiatrist, John Bowlby, was the first to give us an […]

O que a ciência diz sobre o amor – 1

O instinto humano básico e principal não é sexo nem agressão. É a buscar contato e conexão reconfortante de outro ser.


O psiquiatra Inglês, John Bowlby, foi o primeiro a oferecer-nos essa visão do que […]

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