If you are like most Americans, you went to bed later than normal Sunday night and had a hard time waking up Monday morning. With the “Spring Forward” to Daylight Savings Time this Sunday, a lot of us are running behind schedule today. So what can you do to get your internal clock back in sync?

  • Exercise while it is light – Get your workout in while it is still light outside. This will release serotonin and help your body to adjust to the time change.
  • Cut back on caffeine – Try and limit your caffeine overall, but especially after lunch. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and will work against your body to wind down prior to bedtime.
  •  Limit alcohol – On its own, alcohol effects our normal sleep cycles. During the transition to Daylight Saving Time, this effect will be multiplied.
  •  Don’t eat after 7:00 pm – Attempting to sleep with a full stomach is difficult. By allowing your body time to digest your last meal for the day, you will have a better chance at relaxing and getting to sleep on time.
  •   Set the mood – Preparing your body and your atmosphere for sleeping is one of the best things you can do to make sure you get adequate rest. Use low lights, calming sounds and relaxing scents (lavender or vanilla) to create a sleep sanctuary.

Sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining our overall health. Make sure that you get enough of it during the transition to Daylight Saving Time and throughout the year.

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Marta Rocha

About the Author: Marta Rocha is a Mental Health Counselor. Marta is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Marta Rocha is specialized in the areas of Marriage Counseling, Family Issues, Stress Management, Leadership Training, Anxiety, Depression, Sports Psychology, Grief, and Substance Abuse & Addictions. Marta Rocha has 12 years of experience in sales & marketing, advertising, promotions, management, and professional development. Her professional affiliations are with the American Counseling Association, and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

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