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As the candles have been blown out, the romantic dinners had, gifts exchanged, and memories created, what do you do now to keep the love moving forward? Just because Valentines Day is over does not mean you have to stop showing the love that you have for someone. Love should not require us to show our significant others the love that they deserve just once a year, but instead daily. Love is something that, given enough tenderness, will grow deeper than you can imagine.

Many people have this thought that once Valentines Day is over, that’s it. No need to be extra romantic or extra special towards the one you care for. However, it is even more important to show your significant other after the holiday to remind them what a major factor they are in your life.

Here are some simple things to do to keep that romance alive through the year:

1. Flowers – Girls love flowers. Even better, your girl loves flowers sent to her job with a secret little note reminding her of how incredible she is to you. It makes everyone around her jealous and makes her blush and feel important.

2. Dinner – Don’t let going out or cooking for your significant other happen once a year. Make it a romantic occasion at least once a month. Find their favorite recipe, light some candles, put on some romantic music, and when they walk in the door, sweep them off their feet. It’s not every day that someone will sweep his or her significant other off the floor by going above and beyond. Who knows, you might have the romantic evening returned one day!

3. Baths – Really. After a long hard day at work, sometimes, all your significant other might want to do is have a nice, warm, bubbly bath drawn so they can soak away the stress of the day. You can find some of their favorite oils and add it to the bath to make it more relaxing. Things like Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood and many more that have calming effects are incredible sensory helps. Also, when they are finished with their bath, consider giving them a nice back rub for a nice touch.

4. Leave a Love Note – Seriously, there is nothing more romantic than finding a little note that says, “I love you”. Take it a notch up and add a reason behind what makes that person so incredibly special to you. It could be simple things like: “I love you because you make my life better”, “I love you because of your smile”, and even “I love you because of your kisses”. Just take that extra quick moment to jot down a little reason and stick it on the mirror in the bathroom or on their car, or send it to the office. You will be surprised how much that will mean to them.

5. Show Affection – No, not just the gestures above, but physical. Give an extra kiss here and there and make it more passionate than you normally would. When you hug, give that extra little squeeze to it and make it just a little longer than normal. Don’t just skip on these things, as physical interactions are a key role to relationships as well. Each touch makes that connection just a little stronger and the more little passionate kisses or extra long hugs can mean a huge difference in someone’s day.

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Marta Rocha

About the Author: Marta Rocha is a Mental Health Counselor. Marta is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Marta Rocha is specialized in the areas of Marriage Counseling, Family Issues, Stress Management, Leadership Training, Anxiety, Depression, Sports Psychology, Grief, and Substance Abuse & Addictions. Marta Rocha has 12 years of experience in sales & marketing, advertising, promotions, management, and professional development. Her professional affiliations are with the American Counseling Association, and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

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